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Slow down, you move too fast...

Posted by: admin January 31st, 2017

Slow-Down.jpgA certain kind of panic rises on the inside of my chest as I turn the digit over on my vintage calendar to today's date. Where did the month go?

My next impulse is to try to rev up the action and manically attack the to-do list in an attempt to make the last few hours of this first month of January 2017 count.

Sound familiar? Have you fallen prey to such thoughts?

Slowing down at this point might seem counterintuitive, but let's take a few moments to consider our actions.

If, as Bill Parsons painfully states, "you are what your record says you are", then perhaps now is a good time to slow down and take a closer look at what the 'record' says, before we rush on into more of the same in months to come.

Stopping to reflect is the only way we will learn from our experiences. After all, how can we expect different results if we do not change our approach to life?

Reflection is the intentional pausing of activity in order that we might learn from our past actions and readjust where necessary.

It has long been believed that experience is the teacher of all things (Julius Caesar). However, this is not entirely true. It is in fact the reflection over our experience that causes insight from which we might learn and grow.

Reflection is most effective when we can take time and find a place without distraction, a quiet place to look back over the previous period of activity, for example the past month. Stillness and quiet can cause some of us great discomfort, but it is a habit well worth pursuing.

"Follow affective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more affective action" - Peter Drucker

Contrary to popular belief, our reflection should not only focus on those areas where we are aware of our weakness, but also areas where we have experienced great success or 'affective action'.

To help promote healthy reflection as you look over the past month, try asking yourself these questions:

1. Which activity represents my strength? What am I best at?
2. How much time did I spend in my strength zone?
3. What can I do to grow my strength?
4. What do I best serve with strength?
5. What do I need to start doing?
6. What do I need to stop doing?
7. What do I need to do more of?
8. What do I need to do less of?
9. What am I missing?
10. What am I thankful for?

Taking time to reflect will cause personal growth to accelerate and propel you into even greater success in every area of you life.

John C Maxwell lists self-leadership as the highest form of leadership. The practice of regular, intentional pausing to reflect is an essential key in personal growth.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein

Here's to making February great by reflecting on January and determining to step deeper into our strength zone.

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